One of your PMs just announced they’re headed on maternity leave. Now what?

  • One of the other PMs on the team would cover two teams rather than just one
  • I could play a full-time PM role and cede some of my day-to-day responsibilities as a team lead
  • We could ask a Scrum Master to step in and play a heavier role
  • We could hire a contractor
  • We could try a hybrid approach, where several people combine to provide coverage
  • Me: writing stories, doing research, building / maintaining the roadmap, attending all standups, writing the sprint update
  • SM: running all ceremonies (standup, planning, retro) except refinement, and catching up with me whenever there was a PM need that would block the ceremonies
  • Tech Lead: running refinements, helping write sprint updates



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Abhi Agrawal

Abhi Agrawal

Product Management, pizza, and podcasts.